Tetrapylon, Palmyra, Syria

The third building in our IN MEMORIAM collection is Tetrapylon, one of the most famous and beloved structures on the Palmyra site.

Tetrapylon was built at the end of the 3rd Century to mark a crossroad on the main colonnaded street of the ancient city. The monument was thoroughly restored in the 1960s. In January 2017, news emerged that the militants had blown up the building during ISIL’s second occupation of Palmyra.

The pieces in our IN MEMORIAM collection are created per order, one-by-one, with an advanced technique of 3-D Sandstone Printing. The porcelain-like material allows for fine details, previously unattainable in our miniatures. Each piece is hand-finished, sealed, and consecutively numbered. It measures 3” by 3.5” by 3” high. No more than 200 will be made.